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What is Misson Gion

We can help your makeover, and make your hair more beautiful.
Our wish is that our customers can experience wonderful makeover.
You'll feel as if you'd stepped back in time wearing Kimono in Kyoto
where is the oldest city in Japan.

We are lending a fine kimono that is luxury of Kyoto's long-established dry goods
store and also offers modern twist Kimono.
Why don’t you stroll in Kyoto wearing a Kimono?

You will be able to feel the princess mood by wearing a Kimono.
Kyoto Gion, which has become top of the world tourist destination.
Why not explore the Kyoto wearing a luxury, high-quality kimono which has made by
long-established dry goods store in Kyoto.

Gion is the center of tourism in Kyoto. Our shop is located near the famous place such as the Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, and more… Please ask us feeling free if you have any questions.
Mission Gion. It is smart answer if you need rental kimono in Kyoto.
Please leave it all to our shop while you enjoy Kimono.
We have smart plan what you need all.

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