TEL info

( All without TAX )

Rending Time: 9:30 to 19:30
- Plan is available to change even from being visit us on the day.
- Contact hand luggage will let me deposit free of charge.
※ Except Suit case and large baggage.
※ The return of past lending time: extension charge +1,000 yen

Quick hair set (10 minutes), is attached to all of the plan.
You can go to stroll wearing Kimono almost 40 minutes from when you visit our shop.


Gold Plan


You can choose from all of Kimono in our store.
This plan is the most colorful and popular.

Bronze Plan


This plan is very simple and basic style of kimono.
( You can’t choose color patterns )

Silver Plan


You can choose from half of amount of Kimono
in our store.

Premium Plan


This plan is the most traditional and formal plan we have. Please have a gorgeous and beautiful experience in Kyoto.

Men’s Plan


You can choose from all of Kimono for men in our store.

Yukata Rental Plan(Men/Woman)
(Light Kimono for summer)


[ Kimono, Belt(Obi), Shoes(Geta), Small hair ornaments ]

Period :June to Aug.


( All without TAX )

Photographer Plan


Why don't you leave memories in Kyoto? For the memory of your friends, the memory of your trip and the couple's anniversary...

Price [1group]
[ 60mins ]12,000JPY (50-100pics)
- exp:Gion Area, Hanami-Koji, Kenninji-Temple
[ 90mins ]15,000JPY (100-200pics)
- exp:Kiyomizu-Temple, Fushimi-Inari-Shrine
Add 30mins/5,000JPY

Photographer goes with you anywhere and shoots your photos. You can take photos as a DVD or cloud data.

A options


We can keep your suitcase during you enjoy strolling in Kyoto.
※ Please keep the valuable to yourself.

B options


You can return your Kimono to reception desk of hotel.

[ Please return until the next day of 10:00 ]
※ valuables thank the management of your own.
※ 4 people or more at the same hotel

C options


You can extend the loan time limit the next day of 15:00.

D options


[with hair ornaments]

You are available to more authentic hair set.

Organizations Discount


※ 4 people or more in the case of reservation.
※ Except " Bronze Plan ".

Please show this coupon us when you have the check.


Hair Ornament(Big)


Hair Ornament(Big)

Belt Ornament

500JPY and mo.

Belt Ornament

ColorfulNeck Band


ColorfulNeck Band